What Can We Do For You?

Card Printing

Sterling/CMS has acquired all new equipment and housed it in our new facility. We have 2 Metronic presses with the “flip over” stations that allow us to print the back and the front of the card in one pass. Our job run sizes can start as low as 100. In short runs of 5,000 cards or less, we guarantee to ship within 15 business days of the art or data approval (whichever is later) from the customer or the order is free! Fast turnaround is one of Sterling's unique value propositions and distinguishes us in the industry.


We have the newest version of the Data Card MJ7500 Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet, encode, and labeling machine, with a full camera system. Sterling/CMS currently has three full personalization lines. We are able to encode and inkjet and thermal in excess of 3 million cards per week. All orders are verified during the run by using an Inspec 9000. They are checked for encoding accuracy and to make sure the cards are encoded to the proper specifications. Cards are also swiped throughout the run to verify the magnetic stripe is being properly encoded. We have one 509 Technologies Verifier and three Spartanics Card Counters to verify the counts. The 509 makes sure all the cards are in order and that there are no duplicate cards. After they are verified they are counted again as a final check.

Affixing, Mounting & Shrink Wrapping

We also have a new Data Card/Ga Vehren affixing machine with 4 hot melt glue heads and a folding station. We can mount gift cards to carriers and fold close. We have a shrink wrapper/bagger with capabilities of wrapping off the end of the Ga Vehren or independently of it. It will also bundle loose cards in quantities up to 200.

POP Materials

We help our customers display their cards through various gift card packaging and display materials. We offer an array of options for our customers needs; generic and custom card carriers, display stands, floor & door decals, gift card packaging (i.e. tins, bags, holiday ornaments), and much more.


Our shipping department handles all shipping of cards to our customers. We accommodate special packaging and shipping needs for multi-site merchants. We also have the ability to drop-ship to multiple locations as well as warehouse the remaining cards for ship-on-demand needs.

Some of our services include:

  • On-line ordering
  • On-line tracking of job progress
  • On-line inventory status
  • Complete fulfillment
  • Recycled PVC cards
  • Metallic or colored core cards
  • Inkjet printing
  • Thermal Graphics
  • DOD printing
  • Mag stripe encoding
  • Barcoding
  • Signature panels
  • Scratch-off (thermal and labels)
  • Holographic scratch-off
  • Custom form printing
  • Card affixing (matched or bulk)
  • Form folding, gluing, stuffing, etc.
  • Distribution and fulfillment